All of our prices are a starting value. Each vehicle is quoted by a case by case basis. Vehicles that have above normal dirt, pet hair, and stains may be subjected to a fee. The reality is we could literally spend an entire week detailing your car to complete perfection. This is both unrealistic and inappropriate for virtually everyone and every car. When we show up for our scheduled detail appointment we will spend the initial first few minutes to look over and discuss any specific concerns you may have and assess your top priorities along with your specific budget.
All pricing is subject to change according to vehicle condition. Vehicles that have above normal dirt will be charged extra. Call Buff It Out to recieve a quote.
  1. Basic Silver Package
    Basic Silver Package
    tarting at: Small Size Vehicle-$100 Mid Size Vehicle-$115 Large Size Vehicle-$130
  2. Ultimate Platinum Package
    Ultimate Platinum Package
    Starting at: Small Size Vehicle-$300 Mid Size Vehicle-$325 Large Size Vehicle-$350
  3. Premium Gold Package
    Premium Gold Package
    Starting at: Small Size Vehicle-$200 Mid Size Vehicle-$225 Large Size Vehicle-$250
  4. RV Detailing
    RV Detailing
    Silver-$7ft Gold-$12ft Platinum-$17ft
  5. Paint Correction
& Ceramic Coating
    Paint Correction & Ceramic Coating
    Starting at: Call for Quote
  6. Wax Only (Luxury Vehicle wax available)
    Wax Only (Luxury Vehicle wax available)
    Starting at: Small Size Vehicle-$40 Mid Size Vehicle-$45 Large Size Vehicle-$50
  7. Specialty Items
    Specialty Items
    Starting at: Deep Leather clean and condition-$50 Clay Bar Decontamination-$75 Shampoo Carpets-$75 Engine Detail-$50